Hymn & Song Suggestions

Entrance Hymns

1: Bridal March

2: Canon in D

3: Nella Fantasia/Gabriels Oboe (Instrumental)

4: Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring

…and more



1: Song of Ruth (Wherever you Go)

2: Set your heart on the Higher Gifts

3: Eagles Wings

4: The Hiding Place/ Ma Ghra thu a Thiarna

5: Hear I am Lord

…and more


Lighting of Candles

1: Instrumental pieces



1: Easter Alleluia

2: Seinn Alleluia



1: Ave Maria (Schubert)

2: Ag Chriost an Siol

3: Take our Bread

4: One Bread One Cup

5: In Bread we bring you Lord

6: Gifts of Bread and wine

..and more



1: Make me a Channel of you Peace

2: Pie Jesu



1: Panis Angelicus

2: Clouds Veil

3: Amazing Grace

4: The Prayer

5: I watch the Sunrise

6: You Raise me Up

…and more


Signing of the Registry Songs

1: A Thousand Years

2: Songbird

3: How Lomg Will I Love You

4: The Rose

5: Hallelujia

6: She Moved through the Fair

7: Oceans (Hillsong)

8: The Voyage

9: Feels Like Home

…and more

We also will sing and play for all other mass parts throughout the Ceremony.